User Interface, Visual Design and Branding

We understand user behavior and needs, and translate user insights into product and service ideas. Our innovative designs include,

User Interface

iQuent's state of the art user interfaces are engineered to stay out of the way. Our User Interface (UI) Design is focussed around users, their needs and ensuring that the user interface is easy and pleasant to use.

We keep our interfaces simple and clear by making strategic use of colour, texture and latest market trends.

Visual Design

The Visual Design Service provides a professional end-to-end Design Service from concept to final delivery.

Our Visual Design Service offers professional, high quality and cost effective Visual Design patterns for our customers.


Branding can help enterprises stand out from their competitors. At iQuent, we help our customers in putting key branding concepts together - organization's key idea, its values, its vision and its approach to achieve that vision.

Our branding service involves brand creation, development and alignment.