Service Design and Delivery

iQuent understands how important it is to assess the business process impacts and estimate all related costs during the design phase of a project.

We understand the demand at early stages and involve in driving the relationship with the other product verticals and translating operational needs of the product and its market environment into processes and automation requirements.

We are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of Service Designers. Our Service Designers are capable of providing real design and thought leadership, rather than simply documenting and collating inputs.

Our Service Designers take responsibility and ownership for designing and delivering end to end service vertical for a set of products or solutions including:

Manage end to end Service Delivery
  • Manage delivery from product or service concept through to operational live.
  • Cross functional planning to align project deliverables with different market conditions.
  • Management of product/service/solution transition and rollout.
Service Design Specification
  • Design end to end processes to support products and services in scope.
  • Define Service Design Specifications and associated models for products or services in scope.
  • Identify and manage high level service impact.
Support Model and Service Performance
  • Define the terms of engagement and service level agreements for parties involved, including expected SLAs, reporting and interaction methods.
  • Define and work towards improving the service target levels and requirements for enhanced KPI's.
  • Build and maintain Service KPIs for tracking performance against targets.
Ready to Sell
  • Define and deliver operational costs to run the Service.
  • Train customers to sell, operate and support their end customers.
  • Enable customers to sell the product or service to their end customers.